Tax Fundamentals – Deductions and Offsets

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You will have 12 months from your date of enrolment to complete this training. After completion, your access to this material will remain available to reference for the remainder of the duration.

Welcome to TaxBanter’s Tax Fundamentals module on Deductions and Offsets.

Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • understand how deductions are relevant for the calculation of taxable income;
  • differentiate between the two positive limbs and four negative limbs of s 8-1;
  • identify the differences between general and specific deductions;
  • explain when a deduction has been ‘incurred’; and
  • identify the timing rules that apply to the tax deductibility of certain prepaid expenditure.

The currency of this resource material is at 14 October 2021.

Each video must be played to completion at least once. Videos you have already watched can be replayed at any time.

To complete the training simply work through each section in order. Ensure you click ‘Mark complete and proceed‘ when prompted to have it count toward your completion rate.

The online learning system includes the following features:
  • Videos automatically pause when the learner switches to another window and resume when switched back.
    This promotes learner engagement and minimises distruption.
  • Certificate upon completion stating date of completion and CPD points earned.
  • Pop quizzes and a final assessment.
  • Practice Tips – visuals from the previous video you can click to download.


Best of luck!
The TaxBanter Team